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Or maybe more like snowed in. The way my brain has been half-firing lately I'd say I certainly do feel snowblind.

Just when I thought it was gone, history came roaring back this week. Like my old boss's desk that ended up buried in the backyard. Don't ask. He recently dug it up out of the ground and hacked it to bits. Sounds like something you'd have to do in a horror movie, except it's a desk.

Work is hell. I make progress, but it's way too slow for me and I work way too late. I'm not sleeping well any more. Granted, for a few days I was staying up playing through one really difficult Starcraft mission, but I wasn't sleeping well anyway. Still am not. Bleah.

One of my coworkers bought a tiny refridgerator. We're now going to split some soda ordering and reduce our costs and walking time. The soda machine downstairs is 55 cents each, and buying a 12-pack at the store is always cheaper than that. The fridge makes it worthwhile, as we have no ice available here.

And it looks like I'll be riding in a classic car after the wedding instead of a limo, which is fine by me. It's extra nifty cool. There'll still be a limo to haul everyone else (and get the ladies to the church in the first place) but the babe and I will be riding is comfortable classic style.

*sigh* It's not horribly surprising, but it is disappointing. At least I have a meaningless hockey game to attend on Saturday, and volleyball on Sunday.

- Pookah

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