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Nov. 16th, 2000

Being on a project with crazy politics, loopy contracting issues, and a lame office environment leads to a higher-than-normal turnover rate. Which means yours truly is now the most knowledgeable programmer working on the system. And I haven't even been here 2 years. But management turned a blind eye to some details and most of the other developers split. I feel like the last rat left on the ship.

Now, since we're subcontracting to a company that really doesn't want us here and would have their own people do the work if they were capable, I'm supposed to be training someone on how the system is coded and how to add new features, etc. REALLY motivating, especially after an hour and a half trek to the office.

I still refuse to live in DC. Baltimore's my hometown, and if I'm in the area, that's where I'm going to live, by cracky. Less smog, less traffic, and less obvious physical manifestations of ambition, loathing, and despair. The White House is 4 blocks away. And right by it, is the Washington Monument ... a large white obelisk with 2 red lights on the top on each face like they were the vicious beady little eyes of the city. The eyes of Vitel for you White Wolf-ers out there.

Getting a new job closer to home is a priority for me, but that's a rant for another time. I need a cell phone first, but I will despise having one. A text pager is enough for me.

- The Pookah

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