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Got tickets?

Another day at work, more tweaking of the program that already works and more testing to make sure it still works ... and more waiting to finally get it deployed.

But I have hockey tickets now. Caps vs. Florida on the 24th. I've made my choice. [drum roll please] I'm taking ... the dancer that night. I've also decided that I will take the flame to a hockey game. I made a promise, and that's that. Granted, she has some transportational issues, but that's her part of the bargain.

I'll get tickets and take you to a Capitals game, but you need to get yourself to DC.

I've also got Thursday penciled in as watching wrestling and playing chess/backgammon with the card shark and company. His relationship recently foundered, when a month ago he'd been all about this girl. And I really don't know what happened. He did bitch about her bitching at him, but all I saw was him hang up on her during last weekend.

I gotta figure out how to ask without just asking. He's not exactly the emotionally open type. It's more a matter of being there at the right time. He knows I'm an open ear, so it's likely we'll chat some ... if his roommates aren't around. We'll see.

Tonight's unscheduled time with the girlfriend, and she's been extra cool lately. So maybe playing some cards (I HAVE to reward that behavior) and Italian. I don't have much I can cook on short notice, and I missed the morning train by 2 minutes, so I can't cut out early ...

At least, I shouldn't. My girlfriend's worth it though, and I'm mostly just waiting on other people now anyway. Hmm ... it's too bad she doesn't like red meat or I'd grill up those choice cut steaks I have in the freezer. Throw in peas and scalloped potatoes ... that sounds really tasty, but I'm not sure how well the charcoal grill would do in the wind we've got.

- Pookah

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