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Welcome to 2001

Once again, the whirlwind life sucked me in and didn't let go until today. Work sometimes is a break for me, and I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.

Recap time:

Went over an old friend's place (hereafter known as the card shark) that is a mere mile from my apartment. He moved a month after I did. With the supposedly impending snowstorm coming, we opted to get 3 DVDs (free by coupons) and mustered the collective alcohol assortments to create the most stocked fridge I've ever seen. We proceed to plaster ourselves while watching Monty Python's Life of Brian and Army of Darkness. I was the only one to remain conscious after both movies, and crashed on the couch.

We woke up to find a dusting of snow on the ground and clear blue skies. Philadelphia was being NAILED, but no snow for us. I was also thankful to find no hangover in store for myself. Pissed off, but not wanting to be true alcoholics, we bummed around until noon and then resumed drinking, figuring we'd expected to be stuck in anyway. 4 men who like drinking with a 3-day weekend and a fridge of beer? Easy decision. Football on tube, beer in hand, pretzels on the table. Then I met up with the back-from-Philly girlfriend and we ... killed some time before heading downtown to the Target Stars On Ice show down at the Arena. Scott Hamilton's last tour, and that man can put on a show.

The day of truth. Shockingly, I woke up early, met up with a friend and cruised to the park and ride for tailgating and more drinking. This was before noon, but tailgating is an exception, especially for a 12:30 pm game. And the pit beef sandwiches were on the way, along with a bucket of REAL fries, as in actual sliced potatoes. Cheered the Ravens to victory, and kept my throat from getting dry with several more beers during the game. After the game, on to dinner with family, then back home to rendevous with my girlfriend's brother and zip out to a New Year's party at a townhouse in Highlandtown (a section of east Baltimore). Turned out to be bigger than expected, but damn cool. The girlfriend had fun (and jello shots! Wow!) and her brother fit in and enjoyed himself(and ended up making out with some girl). I had yet more beer (and jello shots), did the worm across the floor, and was injured by a pumpkin. I botched the catch and the stem gave me a nasty scrape. The pumpkin died heinously for this transgression. MUHUHAHAHAHA! My girlfriend, ever careful, patched me up when we got home.

Hung out with the brother, who crashed on our couch. Convinced him that no one had a problem with him making out with the chick on the couch. Her roommate apparently was a little miffed for some reason, but I'm not going into that story. Zipped over to the card shark's place to fix his roommate's computer, then returned home to find the brother still there. Eventually he left, my girlfriend and I did laundry, and had dinner. She even asked to play 2-handed spades ... which caught me by surprise because she had previously always passed on the opportunity. As she'd commented on Saturday (on another topic), "Progress."

Boy, I keep busy, eh?

- Pookah

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