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Now That's Comedy

I got a message at home from a jobhunt company (based in Columbia) about a senior-level Visual Basic programmer position.

Joke #1: I called, and then was told I didn't qualify due to lack of experience.

*smirk* This is why I didn't mention it before. I'd pretty much written it off.

But I had mentioned something to the placement lady about how hard it was going to be to find someone of that kind of caliber, and how some of these positions seem to be unable to differentiate between a guy with 3 years of experience and the formal training that comes with a Comp Sci degree, and somebody who's got 3 years experience as a programmer in name only and a degree in something like Anthropology.

Fast forward a couple of days. I've spent the week hammering our phone system back into shape since everyone's changed offices. I accumulated 15 voice mails from various people because I was in the phone closet, not at my desk.

Placement lady calls back yesterday. They've got "more play" in the requirements than she expected, and wants me to come in for an interview to talk. Thursday.

Joke #2: I get this voice mail today, in mid-afternoon, because I abandoned going through them all yesterday evening after the first 10.

It's a good thing I'm amused, or I'd really be pissed.

If she does call back, I gotta be a sneaky pookah. If I show up in a suit on casual Friday, they will KNOW something is going on. But I can't shouldn't go to the interview in jeans and polo.

Hmm. Well, she'd have to call back first. Which might not even happen, or might happen tomorrow. Maybe I'll just keep the suit in the car, change in the building bathroom, zip to interview, change back post-interview, and return a hopefully happier pookah.

- Pookah

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