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Fear the Turtle!

Sports has been TRYING to suck the life out of me, but computer gaming won't let go. Work has not quite given up on me, and I haven't quite given up on it, but with no day job and outdoor soccer season over ... thank goodness for unemployment or I would be SCREWED.

I'm still proud of the Maryland Terrapins football team, since I didn't expect a winning season, much less 10-1 and a conference championship. Like I said, fear the turtle ...

And the Washington Capitals are 3 for 3 in games I've attended. Too bad I don't have season tickets. =) Stupid injuries. I haven't attended any Baltimore Ravens games, but "Stupid injuries." to them, too.

Got a 2nd interview scheduled in two weeks, and found out the other position I'd interviewed for got filled. Ah well. That was through a local recruiter company with whom keeping me on file actually means something. For instance, in one week they'll be calling me back about another position, if the current candidate doesn't fly. Better than a GFY or a DCUWCU. One of my fraternity brothers back at CMU mailed out his resume to tons of companies and papered his wall with the denials. He did eventually find a job, got three offers actually. But the letter wall was funny. I'm glad he kept a sense of humor about it, and it helps remind me to do the same. I tend to be victimized by the blowoff.

Whatever. One day, the Dave shall work again!

In the meantime ... I need lunch.

- Pookah

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