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My thoughts today meandered down a train of thought that reality would've seen fit to cast as a forested crooked path that followed near a stream but crossed occasionally.

I was a sneaky kid. Somewhere between a burning curiosity and quest for knowledge, I would get into drawers, cabinets, and containers of all kinds. Particularly the ones that were normally out of reach or off limits. Things on high shelves have details you can see better up close. And the only way to keep out of trouble is to make sure everything is as it was before. Precisely as it was. Or then, even if you do it while the house is otherwise empty, you'll be caught eventually. And to a mother, there's no justification a five-year-old can give for getting into the cleansers under the sink, or climbing onto the edge of the sink to more closely examine dad's coffee mug collection. That same mother may piece it all together just from seeing that the Comet is in front of the dishwasher detergent even though the dishes were done last night.

Those early expeditions could've been where I picked up my eye for details, not to mention that it was my parents keen memories that occasionally caught me.

- Pookah

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