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I just figured out why LJ appeals to me. Context. I come up with lots of sayings and make almost as many references as Dennis Miller ... and that's where I usually end up being misunderstood. My manner of speaking is very non-absolute. Instead, it's more comparative, more relational. And if the person I'm talking to doesn't know the object of comparison, the comment is completely adrift.

I guess I grew accustomed to that. But then when someone catches my references, it makes me feel a lot better. And in terms of the spoken word, it's impossible to be annotated ... and my brain thinks in connective references. FAST connective references, not necessarily on the same topic for each mental jump.

So here in hypertext, if I wanted to, I could link a sentence or topic to a page related to the meaning as if pointing. More importantly, I can finish the thought and cover the places I feel need to be fleshed out to make the words come together to present the right line of reasoning.

I usually think too fast for my words to keep up, and either discombobulate the pronunciations or speak really fast like the MicroMachines guy. If I pay attention and focus on the delivery, I can at least come across as sounding eloquent or well-spoken. So then typing becomes almost a filter to cut down the pace of words, a break in the glass to smash the bottleneck and let them flow.

Still, sometimes I wish I could hand the images out of my brain and straight over to someone else. If you could see what I see ...

Thanks to roaming for making me think about it.

- Pookah


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Oct. 26th, 2001 06:47 am (UTC)
gloaming was the first journal I ever started reading, and now I don't anymore.

You know what this post makes me think about?
the fact that I love your voice.
how odd.
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