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The weekend's succession of Christmas parties was a success.

But I also had 4 consecutive nights of drinking.
Thursday out with friends, including the one hereafter known as the marine.
Friday at home with the girlfriends and another couple, playing some cards.
Saturday at a party thrown by yet another friend, as well as at the company Christmas party at Planet Hollywood with open bar. Hell, I even won a new breadmaker as a door prize. Got some strange looks on the DC Metro taking it home, but that was actually kinda cool.
Sunday at the marine's new apartment, after helping set up the sound system and TV. Watched the movie Swingers for the first time, and realized just how much the dude (see previous notes) would quote that movie. The marine and company even agreed with me on that.

Also on Saturday, I got a request from a close friend. To take his girlfriend to a hockey game. She's a hockey fan, and he isn't much of one.

Those sensing impending irony, you're right on cue. Yes, she and I did go out dancing once and end up with an extended makeout session. Yes, that was before she was going out with my friend ... as a matter of fact he introduced us, and he was more interested in one of her friends at the time.

Of course, the dancer's boyfriend is known to be aware of it. He once joked about it with me. The dancer herself ... well ... a little wistful on occasion shortly thereafter, but then she learned I had a girlfriend. Things were a little rocky for us at the time, but still.

And before I forget to mention it, I've also promised to take the flame (see previous note) to a hockey game. That should be cool. She's a rabid fan like me (again, see previous note).

Unfortunately, I believe I'm going to end up footing the bill for all these tickets. I certainly won't mind having company to go see hockey games, since my girlfriend is not a big hockey fan.

Okay, okay, so maybe there's potential here. If I were completely unscrupulous ...

- Pookah

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