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Well, that was a rough one. Only one linesman, and a very fast-paced and tough game. I had to watch the players close to try and catch the fouls, but then had to be watching for offsides and out of bounds for one half of the field. Ugh. I'll admit I blew a couple, but I did okay.

The best part was that the whining stopped with 15 minutes left when a crowd of people went up for the ball. One guy from the white team came up behind another and jumped to get the ball. His teammate started in with the whole "C'mon ref!" routine and I immediately yelled "It was your own man! Don't give me that crap!" Everybody heard it, and they all quieted down after that.

Scoreless tie ... and I got a bunch of compliments after the game. During the game, I never expect any. It's all too fresh, and any call I make is going to piss off half the people. I hear people say they wouldn't want to be a referee, and when those same people say "Good job," I appreciate it.

Now if only the first two games at a different field hadn't been overbooked. Three referees needed, four showed. And then we're one short for the other one. Bleah.

- Pookah

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