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The tree kind, not the martial artist yell kind. The babe got one for her birthday last month, and promptly turned it over to me in favor my greener thumb. This, however, was a new challenge for me. Then I discovered piece by piece just how much work it needed.

It's a spruce tree in a rectangular bonsai pot. One side was the dirt mound the tree was planted in covered by a moss or fern type plant, and the other was a rock layer complete with a weird looking tiny shrine-like object. The tree must have been repotted recently. I removed the fern, which was very VERY thirsty and was almost attempting to climb the tree. It even had leaves and bits of wood chips caught in it that definitely didn't come from the spruce. I gently scraped down the top of the dirt because I knew at least one branch was partly buried. An inch and three branches later, I stopped. Not a great repotting job, to be sure. But now it looks more like a bonsai instead of a shrub. A well-defined trunk is good bonsai practice, and now I can tell that the trunk does indeed come up a couple inches and then takes a sharp turn to the side, draping a canopy of green over the rocks and shrine. The spruce was pretty overgrown, but I'm hesitant to trim it because I want to make sure it'll get no drier.

I'll snap a picture with my laptop, though I'll have to find the LAN cable before I can upload it.

- Pookah

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