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Yes I will.
Anything you say.

I can feel your eyes on me again, but it wasn't me you were looking for. And what I have to say is nothing that'd catch your ear. Or yours, either, but I'll get to you later. But you crave each word like your first cup of coffee in the morning, searching. You speak to be heard; I listen to hear what you don't say. I'm also looking for something, those words I can't pull out of your mouth because I can't bear to say them myself.

We both know what's going on. You were warned at the beginning, and I gave you plenty of slack. Everybody's saying, "Nice try. Who's next?" But some crimes do pay, and the loot's all mine, my fair share of what I pillaged, gone rampant over a blue moon and a backhand volley. I'll hurl my invective in private. I'm underestimated, so don't give me reason to swing at your back and knock you flat.

This is no end, just tapering off like wax drippings over the side of a leaning candle down towards the floor. I'll be back on my feet before the dust cloud rises. Am I an excellent off-the-cuff guy, or do I plan so well that my contigencies always arise? I see so many of the punches I always fear the ones I don't see that never come.

My glasses are bent with a cracked lens. I'll get by, I always do. Thanks, but no thanks. Yes, but you know why I was here, the same reason you are. I know what you did, and what you can do. I won't let you hang me with the rope you can pull me up with. Half of luck is cutting the odds.

No paper, so I choose rock. At best, we tie.

- Pookah

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