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Life resumes, sort of

After a 2-day trip up I-81 to New York state and back, I now have an additional sofa, a new-to-me solid wood table with 6 solid chairs, and one less-beaten-than-our-current papasan chair.

One of my friends is newly single. And, through him coming by to hang out, I met the girls up in room 4C. That didn't take long. He is, after all, a decent guy.

Last night I saw Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine. FUNNY FUNNY band. And talented. Everything from Sublime's "Wrong Way" to Nirvana's "Rape Me" to the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right to Party". $1 ticket to the show, which was somehow sponsored by Camel, the cigarette maker. Where they found these guys, I don't know, but that was a dollar well spent.

And I'm learning to play Go, the simple to learn hard to master game of black and white stones. No dice, no random chance, and a reasonable handicapping system based on relative player skill. Strategy is important, but so is recognizing what moves are compelling and what moves are just throwing pieces away.

I wonder what I'm doing, and how much I may be throwing away at this point. I live so much in the now that everyday life is easier to bear. But looking forwards becomes difficult by comparison. That long-term view ...

Well, I've learned over time that planning things is the best way for me to ruin them. For example, the schedule for the Maryland Renaissance Festival this fall includes Pirate weekend ... on the same weekend I'll be in Indiana for a wedding. I'd talked to some people at Origins about coming down for that weekend to hang out ... just have to reschedule that or something. Thankfully, while planning always combusts, my improvisational skills have always compensated.

So, if anybody out there stops by the Maryland RennFest, look for me at the White Hart Tavern, singing along with The Pyrates Royale. Bonus points if you spot me on first guess. Winners may receive adult beverages, if eligible.

- Pookah

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