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I've gone from somber to ecstatic this week, generally moody. Final Fantasy, while a very excellent movie, is one of those that I come out of uplifted but drained.

Yesterday just continued the trend.

I got asked if I wanted to become a part owner of the company. We need work, and the company credit (albeit small) is maxed out. The president, who's had a surprising trend of buying into sales pitches, showed me a website with plenty of online work requests ... available to members only. Of course, membership is $5000. Money we don't have right now. Come September 1st, the new fiscal year means new budgets and work should flow again. In the meantime ... we just need to get by. Life ain't all beer and skittles, as somebody once said. Unfortunately, the president also asked me to check out the website and see if it was worth it for the company to do.

Now there's a lose-lose situation ahead. Thankfully, the site isn't really as impressive as he talked it up, but then again, he spent a long time talking to their sales staff yesterday afternoon. But here's the conundrum. We do need business, but I don't need this headache. Friend-wise, I can't help considering it, since it's my nature ... but business-wise, it's either the right bailout or I'm doubly screwed when it goes under since this is the same company that needs work to pay me.

So having realized that this isn't a call I want to have to make ... I'm faced with the decision of how to approach the issue, and how to respond to the many possible ways he'll take me turning it down.

Fun fun fun.

- Pookah

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