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Belated Marcy Playground

Last Thursday, I got to go to the Marcy Playground show, and it kicked some serious ass. $10 show, small venue, start of tour ... not bad. And it was an awesome set for a band with a new drummer and no record label. Granted, they have their own studio, but hey.

The opening act was called The Beans, and it looked like the lead singer was living his dream of being Buddy Holly ... and the rest of them were making it look like work. The keyboard player had a guitar slung around his neck that he only used for 2 songs, but he kept it there the whole time. As for the songs, they could rock, but most of their songs sounded the same and were in the 5-8 minute range. Color me not impressed.

Marcy Playground thankfully had a completely different vibe to them on stage. When they played, it was obvious they were having a blast on stage. They had plenty of new songs, some of which are excellent, like Deadly Handsome Man. I managed to grab the last set list, though I had to Paper/Rock/Scissors a guy for it. I was closer, but there was one of those we-both-saw-it-then-looked-up-and-saw-each-othered-seen-it moment. I figured it was only fair to give him a chance at it, as well as prevent a mad grab frenzy which might shred the object in question.

The songlist also included some of their older material, like Sex and Candy, St. Joe on the School Bus, and a jammed out to hell-and-back version of Secret Squirrel. No, I didn't yell Aslan this time, but they had enough people yelling song titles at them I didn't want to encourage the practice (mainly "Vampires", for the song Vampires of New York, but I think some NYC folk might have come down for the show). And thankfully, John Wozniak did do his me-and-a-guitar version of Neil Young's The Needle And The Damage Done. And they did Wave Motion Gun, prefaced by a story about the old cartoon show "Starblazers", which John apparently used to watch when he was a kid. There's more to the story, but I'll spare ya here.

All in all, damn good for a cheap show. And I made a few new friends-in-passing.

- Pookah

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