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Jun. 20th, 2001

Finally got my way past due oil change. And the horn works, too.

Finally got my way past due haircut. Not as short as someone I know, but still much shorter than it had been. When it gets to be longer than the tops of my ears, it's like it tries to go around them or something. Usually ends up just curling out to the side and not looking all that impressive, and then I keep having to tuck those ill-behaved locks behind my ears.

A few other things have been way past due, but I got some of the paperwork and legwork done. Not any bills, mind you. I try to be good about that. So yesterday could be construed as a planning day.

Outstanding debt:
  • $6000 on car, being paid off in monthly installments by January 2004.
  • $300 on credit cards, from meals and purchases.

Outstanding owed money:
  • Card shark's roommate, $200 or airfare to Vegas this year. I'd love to go to Vegas, but I doubt it'll happen. We were going to see a friend and crash at his place, but he's coming back in September. Grr. Always wanted to have the chance to talk to Roy.
  • Card shark, owes $320-390 of $500, though he said he'd pay me back with interest. Ick. I remember one $70 payment, and one $40 payment, but I should check if there was . I better keep better track of it, and now.
  • Company, $145 in things I've purchased on my credit that I'll be reimbursed for once I get the receipts in to the accountant. Reliability is no issue here. The accountant and I are friends, and have an understanding. Not that I ever intend to screw my company or slip anything in ... but it's good to know I'll be paid.

Time to get programming ...

- Pookah


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Jun. 20th, 2001 08:11 am (UTC)
I can get away with it...
they just call it 'cute' when the hair above my ears refuses to behave :-)
Jun. 20th, 2001 10:32 am (UTC)
Lucky. For me, it just looks out of place.

The only neat trick I can do is go from looking completely dirty and dingy to merely rumpled in a matter of moments. Or so say my friends.

- Pookah
Jun. 20th, 2001 11:06 am (UTC)
I can, um...
Due to years of practice, I can take a bath in 2 minutes, including a hairwash.

And once, in a timed competition...
when I still had long hair
I undressed,
washed and conditioned my hair,
washed me,
and got out
in 47 seconds.
Jun. 20th, 2001 11:07 am (UTC)
I can, um...
(that was in a shower)
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