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Written in pieces; it started with blank verse, fell into rhyme, then the bottom dragged the top half into rhyme as well. Don't ask why.

I knew you by name, yours and yours alone
And you knew me by a name that was not just my own
That was what was ours, somehow more and somehow less
Than what we'd been seeking with small chance of success
We both had grown tired of straining our eyes
To go searching for truth behind lies' disguise

It was knowledge we shared when we met on the road
How not to tire and best bear the load
And did you know then, when we swore just to lighten,
That I, never knowing, could add to your burden
That you would lose what you protect with your life
And that your own hands would drive home the knife

That unknowing undid what knowledge could do
That is what drove me away from you
Because what I knew was I had what I wanted
You knew that but continued undaunted
So today we are left with little the same
And no, I don't think of you, except for your name

When I saw that name with a similar face
I saw that she came from a different place
I did look closer, and what I did find
But someone like you of a much better kind
All I could tell was different, you see
Was that she, unlike you, had never met me.

- Pookah

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