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U2 concert tonight at the "phone booth" (MCI Center) in DC. Kick ass. This is a band I've been wanting to see for a while. Opener is Polly Jean Harvey, who also happens to be most excellent.

Now if I could only get the Pizzicato Five out of my head ...

- Pookah


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Jun. 15th, 2001 11:26 am (UTC)
Ooh ooh! U2 (listening to Rattle and Hum right now ^_-) *and* PJ Harvey!! You are so lucky ^_^
Let me know how it went.

BTW, sorry I haven't replied to any of your posts lately ^_^ How've ya been?
Jun. 20th, 2001 08:19 am (UTC)
Thanks for the reminder I hadn't posted about the concert yet. I stuck the details in my journal. It was an awesome show ... but the tickets were SO expensive. But my wallet took the hit, and my soul was thankful. It was that good. Catch them if you get the opportunity. According to what I've heard ... also in attendance that night were Tipper Gore and Senator Jesse Helms! Apparently he and Bono have become friends after a fashion through political discussions. He was up in a skybox, and is reported to have had a good time but said that it was the loudest thing he'd ever heard. Not bad for his first rock concert. I hope he saw (and understood) the satire of Charlton Heston. They skewered him but good.

As for me, I'm doing pretty good. Work life is getting better, but I'm also also less starry eyed about it. My girlfriend is looking at new jobs and has a standing offer that is better but isn't exactly what she wants ... but then again, they have been wanting to get someone in there ASAP, and she says she'd feel guilty about just up and leaving the stuff she's working on, even with 2 weeks notice. That itself could be a separate discussion. *chuckle*

I'm not overly stressing about much, my roommate got in another fender bender, the card shark got too tanked to drive, and I confided in my hairdresser(?) about a few things she'll love to hear about from my mom in a few months and say, "I knew."

I guess she'd be my hairdresser. I can't think of a more appropriate word. Barber, stylist, hair-cutting-person. Sounds a little odd to me, but I guess hairdresser is the least odd of the three to apply to her. Whichever.

So the world is spinning right along here. And yourself?

- Pookah
Jun. 20th, 2001 10:09 am (UTC)
According to pollstar, it doesn't look like U2's coming remotely close to here for a while... :( If they do come, I'll definately catch the closest show tho!

Let's see...my world...oh yes! I'm turning 21 tomorrow! Woo!
- Work is good, they got me working on web design things (finally), which could lead into more web stuff for the future.
- Car broke down a while ago, so in the midst of my constant car-pooling and car-borrowing, I'm going car-hunting this weekend...
- Depeche Mode concert is coming up (july 19). Can't wait for that!
- & saving up to hopefully move out of this city for good...(not for another year tho)

Things are going good here ^_^
Jun. 20th, 2001 01:21 pm (UTC)
Wowza ... you definitely got a lot coming down the pipe.

Car-wise, I'd recommend taking a look at Saturns. Granted, I own one *grin*, but they're also running a 0.9% APR deal right now that's really tempting. I'm not sure what kind of car you really are looking for ... so I'll stop plugging now.

Concert-wise, watch this space ... because I'm going to see DM on June 30th. I would've gone on July 5th when they'll be in town instead of lugging my butt up to Philly *cringe* to see them, but I'll be in Ohio then. Gaming convention.

I'm a traveling Pookah this year, that's for sure. Where do you think you'd like to go when you move?

- Pookah
Jun. 20th, 2001 02:05 pm (UTC)
thanks for the car tip - I'm probably going to get a used neon or something cuz it's cheap (I'm poor)

do tell me how the DM concert goes ^_^

moving - possibly maybe new york. I have a rich uncle up there who would probably support me 'til I get settled. And my professor can give me contacts to graphic design firms.
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