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Just found out I haven't yet used my company provided "floating holiday" for the year. So I took off Friday as "Going to the DMV Day". Apparently it's time to renew the registration on my car. And, somewhere from the bowels of the Maryland state governmental bureaucracy, one little turdlet of a parking ticket has come back to land on my doorstep.

I actually completely forgot about it. And it wasn't exactly a big deal to me at the time. Some Transit Authority policeman decided he didn't like where I was parked in a lot that was WAY overcrowded when I got there and long before any NO PARKING signs were posted. I found a piece of unoccupied, un-yellow striped, un-prohibited, clear of fire hydrant curb. And parked there. I think I actually had something else going on and had to leave my car overnight.

And I believe that's when my car was ticketed. Bastard. Like I would have parked there had I had the option. He wrote the ticket and even jotted down that there were at least 80 open spaces I could have parked in. AT THE TIME HE WROTE THE TICKET MAYBE!!!! Grr.

Anyway, now I have to go and pay the ticket, and I can't even pay the MVA direct for it. I have to pay the transit authority. Wherever they are. THEN I can go and wait in line at the MVA. Joy.

But the weekend was interesting. My seats turned out to be on the 50-yard line with a decent view. But they were also the second-to-last row of the stadium. And the freezing rain came down from above. It's weird when every fifth droplet bounces. Then straight from that to the girlfriend's company Christmas party. At a manor house out in the sticks. With the long narrow road lined by dark forest on either side, I joked that she should be happy she hadn't seen the Blair Witch movies. Ha ha.

That's all the news fit to print. I wonder how this week'll go.

- Pookah

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