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I think I'm either antsy or just annoyed or some other can't-quite-stand-this type mood.

My boss is working on code, and forcing me to follow along. He wants to throw together a bare bones website for a government contract. We're competing with design companies and we certainly can't compete with them purely on that level, so the knowledge of assembling the site is where we shine. He wants it to look like we're so good we spent one day throwing the site together and we're already 25 % done.

I can understand his meaning, rationally. But he was like cracking the whip to get this thing rolling immediately. I had to go from zero to passable knowledge of what they wanted in their database tables. He even forgot I was taking off tomorrow to head to New York. Thankfully, after reminding him in more detail of what I was doing, he vaguely remembered hearing about it before. That, plus a reminder we're going into a holiday weekend worked ... so I do have off tomorrow. Good. I know there's a lot going on, but I've been telegraphing this for over a week.

I'm itching to just do something else. It'll be good to get out of here today.

- Pookah

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