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Not Quite What's On The Label

Life at the new job has variety, but so my home arrival time has also had variety.

Got up a little late yesterday and then got in a late groove, so I didn't make it home in time yesterday to cook dinner as planned. But the babe knew of plan changes, so it wasn't a complete disaster. So I did hit some of the groove I was looking for on Tuesday.

Today was driving day.
To Doc's house to pick him up.
To the office to get his briefcase with the software we had to deliver.
To Dulles, VA to a customer's office to drop it off and pick up a check.
Back home intending to pick up my roommate
To a bank in Owings Mills to deposit the check after said roommate calls, having driven himself to the doctor's office
To a restaurant since it was 1:20 and we hadn't eaten yet.
To the doctor's to pick up my roommate
Back home to drop him off and pick up my suit for tonight's tech council meeting
To the gas station since my car is dangerously low on fuel
Back to Doc's house to drop off his briefcase and get his slacks in the wash
To the office to drop off Doc
To another bank nearby to drop off my car payment
Back to the office since the bank's already closed and I should put in 2 hours of actual programming

Maybe I should have called myself "Wheels".

- Pookah

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