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The Week Ends, The Week Begins

Not being one to throw in the towel easy ( a trait that has helped my relationship along to the six year point ) I spent my weekend mostly in the company of my girlfriend.

We talked of serious things, we talked of pie-in-the-sky things, we talked of unimportant things, and we talked of the politics of bridesmaids and groom's men. Yeah, wedding type stuff. Blew both our minds in that we could approach it from a logical standpoint. And that we fell into the topic. There was no "So if we had a wedding ..."; conversation just segued into it.

Heck, it seems more like a possibility every week. As long as I don't think about it too much, it isn't that scary. There's still a part of me that gets spooked ... but that is a part of my nature. I've run from a lot of things. It's also partly due to the fact that my body makes a helluva lot more adrenalin than most. Fight-or-flight kicks in double for me. I spook easy; it happens. So the weekend was good at tightening us up again after spending the better part of two weeks apart.

And tonight is the baseball game that Keith got tickets to from his company. I was under the delusion that he had 2 tickets. Actually he got 4, so the babe and another mutual friend will be going as well. Sweet. Going to see "them O's" tonight.

I haven't played baseball in years, but I always go to at least one Orioles game each summer. It's enough of an event to stand on its own merit, even when the team sucks. Management's had a big hand in that (the sucking), but HOPEFULLY they're learning. Maryland has already had a banner year in sports, with the Ravens winning the Super Bowl and the Terps getting to basketball's Final Four for the first time.

And my friends agree, if the Orioles have a winning season, that too will be a cause to celebrate. I'm not sure that's a lofty goal, but certainly achieveable. A win tonight over Tampa Bay would be big steps in the right direction.

It's been a good year for Baltimore. Last year was a vintage Dave year for humor, and I impressed most of my friends with how many GOOD jokes I was telling. This year looks like it'll be a good Dave year for everything else. And if that keeps up, I'll keep my bad puns and be happy.

After all, they may be bad jokes, but I can keep myself amused anyway ... and all the better if I have less self-cheering up to do.

- Pookah

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