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Surprising All Concerned

Last night was cards, and my girlfriend (hereafter known as the babe) agreed to go with and play. But ... before we left, I get a call from my old friend (mentioned in previous entries, heretoforeafter known as the dude) that he's gathering almost my entire old friend circle at a local pub. One that's kinda on the way to cards.

I agreed to stop by for a beer or two. The babe was dubious (after all, her and the dude don't see eye to eye), but after a brief chat she agreed to go, expecting to hang out in the nearby Barnes & Noble until I came out and we could split. However, by the time we got there B&N would have only been open for 10 minutes. So she bit the bullet and came in with me. The whole gang was happy to see her, even the dude. There was at least peace, I got to see some more old friends, and even found out a couple of them are going to the football game Sunday as well, only 4 sections over. And one, who gets along with the babe and is fairly respectable now (I knew him before), is even doing some part-time bartending every Thursday at a cool place downtown, not too far from the babe's office.

A good time was had by all. Even the babe, who is usually not a beer person or a social maven.

She even commented on the way in: "It's not like I can just block all that out."

I'm impressed. She'd actually pretty much stonewalled these folks as a standard practice. Maybe I'll have less to hide after all. Which in my book is a VERY good thing.

Here's to good trends.

And here's a toast I instilled in my friends a few years ago. Use it with pride.

Here's to the bull that roams in the wood
And does all the heffers so very much good
If it wasn't for him and his little red rod
There'd be none of us here could eat STEAK, by God!

- Pookah

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