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A Full Evening

My eyes burn, as a side effect from all the smoke I was witness to this evening. LJ wasn't working well when I had time to check, and then boom, I was out having a day.

I talked with the project manager, and yeah, he probably wouldn't have been able to come up with enough money to pay me what I would have been looking for to stick around. At the same time, I found out my company's former prez has gone out and already founded his own new company ... XEL Solutions as opposed to LEX Solutions. I thought it was a joke, but no, he's doing contract work in California. That man has guts, skills, and knowhow.

But I went out drinking with the rest of my coworkers, between two different DC bars, and many stories were told. Then I came back, chatted with the card shark who also has a cool new job (his last day is next Friday) and planned a celebration for the evening. My girlfriend declined to attend, but then we stayed at shark's place anyway. We played asshole. My first hand sucked, but I moved up from there.

Oddly enough, the card shark's girlfriend sprawled on the couch, taking up the only extra seating for me when I arrived. After grabbing a beverage for myself and everyone else, there was nowhere else to sit, so I leaned on her. She laughed. When he left for alcohol, she found out I could dance and wanted a lesson. As I was in the middle of looking at his roommate's Florida pictures. Shark returned before she could find good music to work with. Then we played asshole. But, partly due to alcohol I'm sure, he at one point suggested to her that she do something to me. I was half-intrigued and half-tanked, so I tuned out the private discussion.

It's never easy to teach a girl to dance with her boyfriend around.

I'll be at tomorrow's Penguins-Capitals hockey game, though, so the general coolness should continue.

In the meantime, I've had over a gallon of alcoholic beverages since 5 pm. G'night.

- Pookah

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