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Yet Another Poll-Thing

Borrowed from Bergman's journal.


1. When were you born: March 16, 1977.
2. Where were you born: Mercy Hospital, Baltimore, MD
3. What was your first grade teacher's name: We had two. Mrs. Austen and Miss Payne. Guess who the BAD one was.
4. What was your first pet's name and what was it: 4 neon tetras. I named them after the ghosts from PacMan.
5. What was your worst accident (medical): Hit by car at age 3. Covered in scrapes but no hospital trip. The plastic Big Wheel trike was wrecked.
6. What was your favorite cartoon: A bunch, but probably Animaniacs.
7. Who was your first best friend: Becky Slonim, next door neighbor.
8. When was the first time you ever went on a plane: Family trip to Florida during middle school. We flew Eastern, who no longer exist.
9. Who was your first boy/girlfriend: A girl named Chrissy, senior year high school. She used me as a rebound, then went back to her ex.
10. What was your favorite song when you were in the 5th grade: INXS - "New Sensation"
11. What was your favorite movie in the 2nd grade: NO IDEA.
12. What did you want to be when you grew up: An astronaut.
13. What used to be your favorite color: Blue.
14. What was your favorite subject: Math, since I had skills.
15. Did you ever wet your pants at school: Once in first grade, when the teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom.
16. Did you ever get sent to the principal: A few times. Several in middle school for chronically running through the hall (even fast skipping wasn't allowed, I discovered).
17. Did you ever start a food fight: Not I.
18. What was your worst fear: Having everyone I trusted turn on me.
19. What was your favorite toy: My Legos. I got the monorail. =)
20. Did you ever suck your thumb: Yeah, but I quit that after a while and generally fidgeted.


21. What time is it: 2:52 pm EDT
22. What's the date: April 19, 2001
23. What grade are you in: Done with school. Yee-hah! Chronologically I would be in 19th grade.
24. Who is your best friend: Probably my friend Alex.
25. What is your favorite movie: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
26. What is your favorite song: Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Windmills"
27. Do you have any pets: Nope.
28. If so what is its name:
30. What color of hair do you have: Chocolate brown, varies at its own whim from milk to special dark.
31. What kind of music do you listen to: All kinds.
32. Do you still watch cartoons: On occasion.
33. What is your favorite TV show: Whose Line Is It Anyway?
34. Do you get online often: Definitely
35. What's your worst fear: Having everyone I've ever known compare notes.
36. What's your favorite color: Green
37. What state do you live in: Maryland
38. Do you have a b/f g/f: Yeah, of 5 1/2 years.
39. What's your favorite type of food: Ice cream, for sure.
40. Do you drive: All the time. I avoided accidents, so often I was wheels for my friends. I'm comfortable in my car, and I love my Saturn.


41. What do you want to be when you grow up: Anything I can do well that pays well and has me working with skilled people.
42. Do you want to go to college: Got that CompSci degree, though I wouldn't mind going back full-time again. =)
43. Do you want to get married: Yes, eventually.
44. If so at what age...if not, why? *blink* Umm, when it's right? *shrug*
45. Do you want to have kids: Yes.
46. What kind of car do you want: One that's functional, stylish, and RELIABLE! My Saturn fits the bill, and that third door still gets attention sometimes.
47. At what age do you think you'll live to be: The 90's. I seem much less hospital-prone than others.
48. Where do you want to live when you're 35: Right now I'd say Baltimore, but I'm open to suggestions.
49. What movie do you want to see next Saturday night: Traffic, just heard it's really good from my boss and a border patrol agent last night.
50. What time do you think you will go to bed when you're 70 (if you plan to live that long): 11 pm. I'm a nightowl.
51. Do you think you will have the same friends as you do now: A couple, but my friend circle seems to change with time.
52. Do you think everyone will be jealous of you at your 10th high school reunion: If my new job pays off, hell yeah!
53. Do you want to be president of the U.S.: Not really. The last thing I want is people digging through that much of my history.
54. Do you want to walk on the moon: Definitely!
55. Do you want to be famous: Sure. I think I could handle it.
56. What kind of housing do you want to live in: One with a decent yard, not in a flood plain, with good neighbors.
57. What color do you think your hair will be when you're 50: Salt and pepper, though I'm sure my hairline will be in full retreat sooner or later.
58. Do you think you will still have the same personality when you're 60: More laid back.

- Pookah


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Apr. 19th, 2001 08:08 pm (UTC)
My ambition was to be a person who lived in space.
Not an astronaut.
Astronauts go up and come back.
I wanted to live there forever and ever.
I'd still like to, sometimes, but I'd miss the people.
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