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Another List Thing

Swiped from Kill's journal:

Physical appearance
What do you most like about your body - Deceptively muscled. I'm no chiseled bodybuilder, but I'm strong without having to work out.
And least - Body hair! Especially having been a competitive swimmer. Now it annoys me but I have no excuse.
How many fillings do you have - Three, I slacked off
Do you think you're good looking - I'm decent.
Do other people - When they see me. I'm easily overlooked.
What do you sound like - Matthew Broderick is the best approximation I've heard. A wandering pitch with a little bit of chirp to it.

Do you wear a watch - Timex Indiglo, with brown watchband. Most of the time.
How many coats and jackets do you own - 6 or 7 - one winter, one leather, two fleece, one suit jacket, one blazer, and a lined flannel
Favorite pants/skirt color - black or blue
Favorite top/shirt color - white
Most expensive item of clothing - My grey pinstriped suit. $350.
Most treasured - My old-style Capitals hat and my Team Russia Aleksandr Mogilny hockey jersey.
Boots or shoes - boots
Scruffy or smart - Usually smart, my friends claim I can go from completely disheveled to fashionably tousled in 60 seconds.

Your personality (general)
Extrovert or introvert - Extrovert, though I didn't used to be
Are you confident - Depends on the topic.
Do you like yourself - ...
Are you popular - I'd say so. I've got a heavy social calendar. Too heavy.
Are you good academically - Damn skippy. =)
What do you have a really good knowledge of - Math. I used to race the cashiers at stores to the full price plus tax.
Are you good at games which rely on intellect - My friends are lobbying me to try out for Jeopardy and refuse to play me at You Don't Know Jack
Fictional character you are most like - Guildenstern, from Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead ... I'm usually caught up in things beyond my control, am usually a minor character in things, and spend half my time wondering what's going on.
Things friends say to you the most - Dave!
Can you speak another language - Yup. Espanol. Espero que practique mas.

Your personality (specific)
Are you moody - When it hits, it hits.
Use five words to describe what you feel inside - Hopeful dreamer with overactive imagination
Do people know how you feel - I've hidden a lot. Still do.
What would you change about your personality - Better jokes
Are you perceived wrongly - Yes, and being misunderstood bugs me.
What drives you - Hope, for me and everybody else. With a little faith and a little luck thrown in.
Worst fault - Hard to say no to friends.

Your friends
Do your friends know you - Everybody knows part of me, some more than others.
What do they tend to be like - Easygoing and open-minded, and fun
Are there traits in you that are universally liked - I think so.
Few friends or many acquaintances - I've got plenty, and probably more than I can manage.
Can you count on them - Half of them yes, half no.
Can they count on you - I'm not as reliable as I'd like to be.

Do you spread it around or stick to one person - Heh. Even the concept of me "spreading it around" is funny.
[rest snipped. Let's just say I don't have a lot to base my answers on.]

Favorite bands ever - Toad the Wet Sprocket, Depeche Mode, Jesus Jones, Peter Gabriel, They Might Be Giants
Most listened to bands currently - Toad, Portishead, David Gray, TMBG, k.d.lang
Can you play an instrument - Oboe
Type of music listened to - Just about anything with a good beat. I avoid depressing country and the non-creative side of hip hop and bubblegum pop.
Type never listened to - You'd have to try to come up with a style of music I haven't heard at least once. However, I was too tanked at the time to remember zydeco. I'm told I enjoyed the band.
Books - Give me realistic characters and non-blatantly obvious plotlines. Give me intrigue or whimsy or surprise or suspense. I do like sci-fi, too.
Films - R&G Are Dead (see above), Spaceballs, Mean Guns, Clerks. Can you tell I like comedy?
Television Shows - Who's Line Is It Anyway, Win Ben Stein's Money, Jeopardy, Crocodile Hunter, sports stuff.

I'm tempted to add more to this one. Any suggestions?

- Pookah

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