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Last Night's Corrections

Well, I worked late yesterday, then drove home. And surprisingly, because of the good weather I guess most people had already left for home because there was no traffic issues to speak of once I got out of downtown ... and even then it was just one bus accident on the other side of the road. Not much mess on the outward bound side.

I got a call from the card shark, so we figure we'll head out for a beer or two. I reschedule an appointment to install some stuff on my mom's computer, and away we go. Tuesday's the babe's night for class ... and then I come to find out she got back way early.

Ah well. At this point, I was committed to chill with the card shark and enthusiast. At first it looked like it was going to be just one or two, but then we turned it into a longer thing as the shark had some LONG negative discussions with his girlfriend over the cell phone. Another zoom down the rollercoaster. That necessitated us waiting and drinking and chatting and waiting and drinking and chatting.

The night was lightened a bit by their friend the tanner who is pretty cool and tells a good story. She works at a tanning parlor. I could tell when she walked in that she'd been to one; it was that clear. Never been to one myself, but I'm not exactly Mr. Pasty.

An evening was had, we split around midnight, I munched on Taco Bell to make sure to avoid hangover (had a small dinner) then slept soundly.

Turned into more than I expected, but hey. At least I could.

- Pookah

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