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The Hit Parade Continues

To get a new badge:

1:00 pm - Catch first after-lunch bus from my office (A) to tech office (B)
1:15 pm - Walk from Office B to Office C that has the badging office
1:25 pm - First to arrive at badging office, told I needed a letter from security officer at office A, start walking back to Office A
1:45 pm - Arrive at Office A, talk to sec. officer and get letter and her phone number and number of security officer in Office C if questions arise
2:00 pm - Catch shuttle bus again back to B
2:15 pm - Walk again from B to C
2:25 pm - Get in line at badging office which is 10 people.
3:05 pm - Talk to badging officer, who double-checks with security officer in Office C (thank goodness I had the phone number) then gives me my badge (YAY!), put on lanyard and walk to B
3:15 pm - Get on shuttle bus, realize lanyard snap is open and badge is missing, walk BACK to C
3:30 pm - Arrive at C, get badge from front desk guy who found my badge on the ground, start walking all the way back to A
4:00 pm - Arrive at Office A, DONE with this runaround having gotten plenty of walking.

At least it's done. And so am I, I've got time off that I have to use _now_. Nice of them to tell me in advance. I just hope everything's fine from here.

- Pookah

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