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I'm still wiped out. Bleah. It's half ill, half not sleeping well. I'm on pager duty this week, and because of it I had to wake up at 4:15 am on Wednesday to do something.

Of course, I wake up and get paged 2 minutes later that another guy (a notorious early riser) is at the office and will take care of it for me. So I got to go back to sleep, but my pattern's already disrupted.

Arizona Iced Tea is at least decent.

I haven't even been writing like I wanted to. Though I actually took the time and got my resume out to a few places last night. We'll see what comes of it, and if there's any more places I should send it.

Tonight I'm headed out with the card shark. Haven't seen him since Saturday. On a side note, he wants to borrow $1000 from me so he can take care of his credit card debt. He's been reliable as far as I can tell, but I don't think I can spare that kind of change over a few months payback period. I told him maybe half, and that should be doable ...

And I already loaned $450 to one of his roommates, who swore he'd pay me back on April 1st. Apparently the card shark's done that before and didn't get his money back for months after he said he would ... he commented on this without saying whether he knew of my loan to this guy.

So if all goes well, I'll get the money back from the roommate, add $50, and pass it on to the card shark. He's gonna have to come up with the rest, because there's only so much free-floating money in the Bank of Dave, especially with me planning on a job change.

If all doesn't go well, I'll have $950 out there in "investments" that better pay off. Nothing ticks me off quite like the dawning realization of being used, because I give my friends plenty of slack. Money's never a good issue, either.

I feel like I'm walking through a cavern with swords I personally hung from the ceiling. I know where they are. I know they're going to fall soon. But in the meantime they sway to a slight breeze, and I don't want to get nailed.

- Pookah

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