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I think I improved yesterday, but then I pushed my luck. Yesterday was my first day back at work as a soccer referee. I was only a linesman for the two games, so I was all right. Lot of running that second game, though.

Then last night after dinner I went to help the Tiki God run network cable at his company's new office. In an old broom factory. Turns out there was still all kinds of crap in the room, and we had to run a ton of network cables up to the 13-foot ceiling and down the hall. This also required a trip to a not-very-close 24-hour Home Depot to rent a ladder. These fellas' cars are all in the shop, so I was the wheels.

Granted, this is a company where I know the guys, and the guy running it (I'll call him Doc) said he's willing to start marketing the hell out of my resume and getting me some contract work through his company ... and they are planning on putting a pool table in that room.

But working hard on the cable wiped me out by the time I got home ... and I guess I should've taken it easy to kick whatever bug I caught. My stomach don't like me none, and I'm still home when I'd normally be arriving at work. For some people, that's not very late. With my commute, it's a death knell for my morning if I did try to go in.

- Pookah

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