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No cow chillo jig-jig

To "get" the above subject, reference Taipan by James Clavell.

Anyway, at least I got a whole bunch of new music. From the latest Pearl Jam to the brand-spanking didn't-even-see-it-coming Delerium album! Special edition, too! WOO! That CD has turned into a microcosm of my CD collection, though. A variety of vocal and instrumental, with many different singers. It even has one song with vocals by Matthew Sweet, and another samples Lisa Gerrard's "Duality". Rock on ...

I even got this used sampler for cheap with an odd collection of good tunes:
  • Under the Milky Way Tonight by the Church

  • City Lies In Dust by Siouxsie and the Banshees

  • Every Day I Write the Book by Elvis Costello

  • And of course, a bunch more.

Ah. Good music. I'm even having a productive day today. I'm thinking of getting myself a copy of ICQ, too. I haven't exactly been using my home computer for much lately. A lot of checkbook balancing and web-browsing. And Playstation-ing.
Madden NFL 2001 is WAY too addictive. Hell, my roommate and I are already done our second season running franchises (he's running the Broncos, I took the Ravens). I've lost in the AFC championship game twice now. Last year it was to my roommate. By a field goal. Bleah. This season we decided to just let the computer run the playoffs, since it's actually fun to watch and yell stuff at the TV. But again I fell the eventual Super Bowl champ, though not the Broncos this time.

Time to prepare the weekend schedule, though. Thursday's chess with a friend of mine at his boring-as-hell night job. Friday's a trip out drinking with an old friend. Saturday's my last chance to go swimming for the season (in a college's indoor HEATED!!! pool). Sunday I'm now signed up for a soccer referee recertification. Joy, but it needs to be done so I can ref next year.

Seems like never a dull moment, eh? If there wasn't so much travel involved, you'd be right.

- Pookah

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