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Chef Pookah

What a concert last night. Good stuff. A good time was had by all, and our seats were pretty good. Barenaked Ladies were quite impressive, and their wisecracks about elections (Canadian and American) kept me laughing between songs. Not to mention the Star Wars Dark Side theme that led into a one-verse parody of Britney (Oops I Blew Up Your Moon).

But I'm still a little ill. And cell-phone equipped. Creativity struck, so I bought cookie dough last night when I got milk from the store. Then staying home today meant not much to do ... so I figured, why not make the cookies and take them to my girlfriend at work. She thought I was headed in to the office. She'll never suspect if I pull this off right. =)

I may not be entirely sure of our future, but I'm still going to do the cool little things I do. If I learned to cook more I think I could do the whole househusband thing. No problem, no "threat to manhood" or any such sillyness. I just wish our food tastes were more alike. She doesn't eat red meat, whereas I am big on steaks and burgers. So I end up cooking more of those kinds of dishes, since that's the only way I get them ... not counting going to a restaurant.

Time to drop off some cookies, and make a CD purchase run.

- Pookah

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