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Post-TMBG Wrap-Up

What a show. Of the actual song list, the most came from Apollo 18, and leaned in favor of older material. They ad-libbed briefly about a Wireless Mike and the only professional glockenspiel technician in the world. The nonmusical intersong banter ranged from comments like Flansburgh saying "I suddenly feel like Geraldo." to their discussion of someone's "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US" sign. Yes, they read it (which got a crowd cheer), discussed it, then continued on with "Well, this next song are belong to us ..." And they talked about their upcoming children's album, appropriately titled, "No."

The opening act was a band called OK GO. Eh. They were more listenable than some of the other TMBG opening acts I've heard (e.g. Goatboy). Still, they were uninspiring. Their final song rap was actually pretty good. Better than I'd expected after hearing the rest of their show.

Song list (not in order):

She's An Angel
Shoehorn With Teeth
The Famous Polka
Particle Man
Fingertips (the whole darn thing)
The Guitar
Hypnotist of Ladies
She's Actual Size
Why Does the Sun Shine? (John had some fun with the technical bits)
James K. Polk
Doctor Worm
Older (you could say this struck a chord with me)

Cyclops Rock
You're Not the Boss of Me (from Malcolm in the Middle)
Robot Parade (to open the show and an almost hard rock version to open their first encore)

And two cover songs I can't place.

All this across a full set and three 2-song encores.

The lighting was uncomplicated but cool with two manually operated spotlights and a few on-stage swiveling lights. The stage gave them all room to manuever, wander, and generally have fun.

To respond to one of their on-stage comments, I think a full house (TMBG has 2 Johns and 3 Dans) would beat 4 of a kind (the Ramones).

Especially since, on the way out, I walked past the t-shirt booth ... and to my amazed eyes John Flansburgh was standing there doing the autograph/handshake thing. We had a brief unmeaningful conversation, he signed my ticket stub and wished me a happy birthday, and I went along my way a happier Dave.

Good show? Heck yes.

- Pookah

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