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A Day on the Upswing

I give in. I'm feeling better already. Still a little peeved at my luck fleeing my last night. I got taken for $2.84 at penny ante poker. I won ONE hand. Then once out of money, we played one game of spades, which I also lost. My girlfriend has the day off today. I, however, still had to come in. She opted to delay me past the morning train ... not altogether bad, but then I did get spotted by my boss on the way in.

But I found flowers on my desk, and a couple good morning greetings. The babe volunteered to make chicken tetrazzini. Celebration-wise, people have apparently been calling about what's going on, and not when I've been home.

Is there a party one of these nights? Is there a pub crawl out on the town searching for green beer and shamrocks?

I don't know. I do know I have to shop for blinds for our patio door on Saturday, because the apartment management sent us a letter saying that we had to have something up by next Friday. I guess the two extra-large sheets of paper and the hanging Sephiroth silkscreen print aren't enough.

From friend chatter last night, looks like I might be able to organize a party for Saturday night. Tonight's, well, open.

- Pookah

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