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Job News

I know I mentioned the bleaker job news a while back. I discovered that the president of my company before the merger who stayed on as a consultant is leaving as of Friday. He'd told me that he'd stay on as long as he thought it was necessary and as long as he thought they were doing the right thing.

So now he's leaving.

I found a really good job posting online that's 15 minutes from my house looking for the credentials I have. (Yay! Possible short commute!)And I chatted at lunch today with my immediate boss, who's may also set the wheels in motion on that front around the beginning of next month.

This is the guy to whom I abdicated the Team Lead position for our project. Back when I thought I'd be leaving sooner and that it would be less disruptive to do so then than later. Not to mention that it saved me extra responsibility I wasn't sure I was handling properly.

Today I also FINALLY find out what my "annual" raise in going to be, effective March 1st. Time to cross my fingers and hope I get that promotion and get the "Associate" out of my job title.

But my boss said it was fine to use him as a job reference ... one of the big mental roadblocks for me for sending out my resume. I knew I'd look better with the references on the paper.

Here's to hope ...

- Pookah

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