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Last weekend, it was some hangout time and swimming at the community college on Saturday that got bumped by excessive snowfall.

This weekend, it was the swimming (Sat night) and my daughter's baptism (Sunday morning), as well as an afternoon get-together after the events at the church. Well, the community college is outright closed, the church has closed, and there's no way in heck there would be enough parking shoveled clear for more than a couple visitors. The TV said there was as much as 29 inches of snow in my area. That is a very rare snowfall amount for around here.

At least I got to chat with some of my neighbors while shoveling. The biggest general complaint was that it was too quickly we would run out of places to put the snow without having to lift it up over our heads. On one side, the man and his college age son were shoveling out the truck they parked in the street. So where we met at the end of my driveway I dug through so they could stop hauling the snow around to the other side of the vehicle. They were nice and helped me shovel out the end of my driveway.

After that, on the other side I noticed my neighbor and his 3-year-old son getting their picture taken on top of a big snowpile. I wandered over so the picture-taker (the neighbor's wife) could get into the picture. And then ended up helping them finish shoveling the driveway. I was offered a beer for my trouble. Of course I accepted. Digging is thirsty work.

I wouldn't have been able to get as much done as I did without the help or without sapphireblue doing some "starter runs" earlier in the day to clear a path out to the street. And I'm hearing rumors of more snow on the way later this week. Greaaaaaat. It'd be a great time for skiing, but it may be a few years before that gets on the travel itinerary.

Got daughter #1 to bed and daughter #2 is fading. Time for some Xbox, ice cream and then well-earned sleep.

- Pookah

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