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A Good Day Is Not Exploding

I've been quiet on my LJ too long. Due to busyness, so it's actually misleading. There's been plenty I could have written about.

So today is notable for a traffic hearing about a red light camera that took pictures and sent me a ticket, and the pictures prove I did NOT make a right turn on red.

Yesterday was notable because of the title. Our gas range had an electric malfunction and showed weird numbers and buzzed and blinked and ... leaked grease from the corner of the control panel. That's odd because the panel is elevated above the burners. Not where you'd expect anything like that to be coming from. Some cooldown time and inspection later, and by reconstructing the events we found the probable cause. It was almost certainly caused by steam leaking from the edge of a covered pan where ground beef was being browned. The pan was on one of the back burners, and the control panel part has a scant few inches of overhang. That cover is probably what focused the steam that came out from the cooking and this time that spot happened to be under that overhang.

My dad helped me look at it. He and sapphireblue helped me pull it away from the counter, and he made an extra trip home to get some Torx screwdriver heads so we could open up the panel. Sure enough, there were only minor grease spots and no burn marks or residue. It probably just overheated and thankfully seems to be back in working order. The electrical board back behind there really isn't that big.

So we now know that back burner + large pan + cover = bad idea. No gas smell, no explosions, good times. And dinner last night ended up coming from the microwave or eaten cold. =D Just in case.

- Pookah


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