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Dragon Age Origins: Completed!

My second character definitely had a better run of it. A casteless dwarven warrior who fought her way out of Orzammar to find adventure among the Gray Wardens on the surface seemed to work better for me than an elvish rogue born in the city slums and kicked out for exacting his vengeance upon a petty human noble's son.

I like the fact that it gave a bunch of text at the end based on some of my choices. I was also impressed by the fact that, at the very end, one major dramatic decision was actually taken out of my hands ... and made complete sense that way, not just a deus ex machina moment.

Because I can, I copied down all the text I got. I'm recording it here for my own comparison with future passes ... and for reference for any of you who want to know what my ending was, whether you've played it yourself or never intend to.

In the months that followed her coronation, Anora proved an adept ruler. Trade agreements with other lands quickly brought new funds into the royal coffers, and with them, the queen saw the capital rebuilt. The army was restored, laws were passed to encourage freeholders to produce sufficient harvests, and plans were conceived for a university.

Despite Loghain being executed in disgrace, Queen Anora insisted on building a monument to her father, overlooking the Orlesian embassy. The statue was largely ignored, save by Anora herself, who voyaged out to the statue once a year to place flowers at its feet.

As the years passed, Anora continued to rebuff the advice of Ferelden's nobility requesting that she remarry. Though prospective suitors from other countries visit Denerim from time to time, the queen's only comment is that all of them fall far short of the bar she measures them against, that of her father.

News that the Urn of Sacred Ashes had been found in Ferelden did not spread outside the Chantry until Brother Genitivi made an announcement several months after the defeat of the darkspawn. The manuscript detailing his research and his experience with Andraste's cult drew huge interest among scholars throughout Thedas.

Some years later the Chantry announced that the resting place of Andraste's ashes had indeed been found. A ripple of excitement spread among the pious people of Thedas, with many undertaking pilgrimages to see the Ashes or partake of their healing powers.

Following months of effort, the tower of the Circle of Magi was finally cleansed of the last spirits to slip through the Veil. No further abominations were created, and First Enchanter Irving was pleased to declare the Circle safe. All that could be saved had been.

With the slavers shut down in the Alienage, the lot of the city-born elves improved for a time. A food shortage years later forced Queen Anora to come down hard on elven rioters, an act not quickly forgiven and a sign that tensions between elves and humans were far from resolved.

Shianni continued to be an outspoken member of the alienage community, and in time became the new elder. That outspokenness earned her frequent trouble, but served her people well.

Arl Eamon returned to Redcliffe, beginning the long task of rebuilding. He found the village already bustling and eager to leave behind the memories of those terrible nights facing the undead.

Connor was sent off to study at the Circle, and considering his earlier experiences, he excelled in his training and easily passed the Harrowing to become a full mage. At his father's urging, Connor accepted a position in Tevinter to undertake formal study of the Fade.

The Dalish Elves prospered after the siege at Denerim, having earned much respect for their part in the battle. For once, human lands welcomed the wandering folk.

The new keeper, Lanaya, was respected both amongst the Dalish as well as in the Fereldan court. She was a voice of reason, and other Dalish clans would turn to her to help resolve disputes with human folk.

In time, many of the Dalish clans moved to the new land provided for them in the south near Ostagar. Wary of their human neighbors, however, tensions soon rose again ... and only Keeper Lanaya's leadership kept peace alive.

In Orzammar, King Bhelen quickly proved himself a reformer. Trade with the surface lands increased and caste restrictions were loosened. The casteless were permitted to take arms against the darkspawn in exchange for new freedoms. For the first time in generations, the line in the Deep Roads was pushed back, and a few thaigs were reclaimed.

Bhelen's reforms quickly found him enemies within the warrior and noble castes, however, and after several assassination attempts, the Assembly was dissolved. The king then ruled alone - some say as a tyrant, other said as a visionary determined to drag Orzammar into the modern world.

When the first human armies arrived from Ferelden, King Bhelen welcomed them with open arms. Within months the darkspawn were driven back as far as the Dead Trenches, and the first dwarven warrior to return with a relic taken from the gates of Bownammar was greeted by cheering, jubilant crowds.

The Assembly unanimously declared CHARNAME a living Paragon, following months of deliberation. A new statue was erected in the Commons and a new house founded in the Paragon's name, quickly drawing a great number of followers from every caste.

Brother Burkel's new chantry in Orzammar drew a surprising number of converts among the dwarves. They quickly attracted a great deal of anger from more conservative quarters, and before long the Assembly severely restricted the Andrasteans' rights.

Brother Burkel resisted, and was slain while being arrested during a peaceful demonstration in the Commons. The Assembly claimed this was an accident, but news of the resulting riots reached the Chantry on the surface where the Divine even contemplated a new Exalted March.

The dwarven mage, Dagna, ultimately completed her studies at the rebuilt Circle Tower. Eventually, she published a comprehensive theory of how lyrium vapors related to the supply of magic. It gained a great deal of attention.

It was not long before Branka mastered Caridin's technique, learning how to use the Anvil of the Void to create new golems -- the first in many centuries. The dwarven people greeted this news with cheers, though few knew of the cost.

At first, King Behlen worked eagerly with Branka to provide subjects -- willing or not -- so that the golems could push the darkspawn back. This arrangement was not to last, however.

Before long, Branka began to refuse to create golems only for the king, who soon banned use of the Anvil. His men attacked Branka's fortress in the Deep Roads, forcing her to shut it tight.

Years into the siege, Bhelen was forced to relent. The fortress, guarded by Branka's golems, remained impenetrable.

True to her word, Morrigan vanished the same night she made her offer at Redcliffe Castle. Someone of Morrigan's description was later seen traveling alone, heading west through the Frostback Mountains.

Several years later, tales out of Orlais said that a strange, dark-haired mage has insinuated herself within the empress's court.

The companions who had traveled with CHARNAME eventually scattered to the four winds, drawn either by personal duty or the call to further adventure. The Gray Wardens welcomed their hero back into the fold gladly, eager to receive a hero who faced the archdemon and lived to pass on the knowledge.

As the blighted lands began to heal and the Gray Wardens slowly rebuilt the order in Amaranthine, they discovered that the fight against the darkspawn was not yet complete. Although the horde was routed and had dissolved upon the archdemon's death, many of the more powerful darkspawn survived to organize roving warbands that preyed both upon the land and upon each other.

These war bands spread havoc, and some even journeyed west into Orlais or crossed the Shining Sea by the Deep Roads. They proved incredibly difficult to wipe out.

But these are tales yet to be told. This tale ended with the death of the archdemon and the end of the Blight before it truly began. Surely CHARNAME would be heard from again ...

- Pookah


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