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Snikting and Elfing

Before I go all gaming geek, Halloween was fun. This year my daughter and sapphireblue and I were once again the first trick-or-treaters on our block, but she was able to carry her pumpkin bucket the whole time and walk half of it. She said "Trick or Treat" at maybe 4 of the 20 houses we stopped at and "Thanks" at about 15 or 16 or them. She wore her new renaissance style garb (photo later) and I wore my "Run Out the Guns" t-shirt along with a pirate-y hat so she wasn't the only one in costume. There wasn't much rain.

My latest gaming obsession: Tenchu: Shadow Assassins for the PSP. I had it from GameFly and sent it back, not because I was done with it but because I knew I should just buy it. Tenchu ninja games are known as snikt-ing to me and wmtrainguy since there is lots of stabbity death. I have not had a chance to play a Tenchu game with him in a while. I miss watching the crazy exploits of the "front ninja".

On the XBox 360, some Warriors Orochi 2 and Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires has just given way to Dragon Age: Origins for the XBox 360. That was a game I know I'm going to play the heck out of, and I and my elfy first character just got through the origin story. And it was a doozy. Yeah, no talking my way out of THAT one. Having read the fiction novel that pre-dates the events of the game, I like the concepts in the world.

On PC, I've been playing Torchlight, a Diablo-esque game from many of the original Diablo developers. It's a lot of fun so far, and plays well on my machine ... once I got around one little sound bug with my sound card.

Later, there shall be POLL!

- Pookah


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Nov. 13th, 2009 10:28 pm (UTC)
Come Christmas, if I don't have any 360 snikt goodness, I will acquire said goodness. It is true that there has been a definite lack of ninjas of late.
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