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Deferred Again

Once again, circumstances beyond my control are pushing back activating the final piece of the major software release I was the development lead for.

In the hurry-up-and-wait ebb and flow that is large scale system development, yesterday was a hurry-up day. I prepped information for a Wednesday morning activation, then even worked late to help resolve a production issue that had been brewing since late Saturday night. I did get free pizza out of the deal.

And today, we found out our "last" approval we needed to turn it on was only our last direct customer approval. They have to brief another group based on our findings because it didn't go according to plan back in July. UGH.

This morning, my daughter noticed I was putting a belt on and wanted me to share it. Since that is a logistical improbability, I got another belt from my closet and let her play with that. End result: zero fuss through diaper-changing and a clean set of clothes, even when the diaper change took a bit longer due to a split in the diaper that leaked those absorbency crystals.

A little investment is continuing to pay off in spades, though. As I was getting in my car to go to work, she came to the door to watch me pull out. I waved to her and got a big grin and more waving in response. Smiles makes for a good morning. I hope she and sapphireblue had fun on the trip to the farm today.

- Pookah

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