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Post-Indiana Update

Indianapolis was a fun trip. I flew out Thursday and rode back on Sunday. I ate more meals at Waffle House and Steak & Shake than I do the rest of the year, did some game shopping, and gained a new reputation.

On the shopping front, I bought more cards for a game called Warlord. The latest edition of cards is simply called 4th Edition. They have abandoned the "random cards in a pack" philosophy of other collectible card games. With this edition, I think all of the cards are fixed sets split into two decks. Not every set has perfectly tuned decks, as I found out doing some quick playtesting with dasquish. I've bought the Learn To Play kit, along with 3 other sets. That gives me one basic deck for each of eight factions, and there are 9 other sets I don't even have.

As for the reputation thing, well ... I was freakin' evil in a Call of Cthulhu game. Evil to the point of executing over half of the player characters and the few survivors (who ended up 250 years in the future) pledged to kill my descendants. Frankly, my character started with a sanity score that was 36 on a scale of 1 (low) to 100 (high) and a fiendish plan for how to take over the ship. I expected I'd be stopped and jailed or even killed, but some failure to respect protocol and some insane dice-rolls set up a situation where my plan managed to work. One player ran into shoggoth1 at a party right after the game and walked in with the comment "your friend Dave is an evil devious bastard." WOW.

And today, my daughter decided that chasing was her favorite game. Not surprising. What is surprising is that she said "Thanks" every time I let her up after catching her.

- Pookah

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