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Spending Time on the Porch

Step Off My Grill, Dog

Grilling went well yesterday, though the grill capacity was maxed out. In total, I cooked 16 regular burgers, 4 turkey burgers, 4 hot dogs, 4 marinated portobellos, 2 marinated ancho peppers and 5 more burgers doused in marinade after the mushrooms were all done. I've got 3 more burgers soaking up the marinade as we speak. To go with all the food there were meat and buns jokes aplenty.

As I was checking to see who wanted cheeseburgers, one of my neighbors leaned out her window and said "I'll take one!" Then laughed and said "Just kidding." I'd have given her one. I wouldn't mind being on better terms with them. We normally don't talk much.

I think dasquish had a good time. He got a lot of good cake. And now there is a new "oh-so-broken" card in Race for the Galaxy.

Today the last extra boxes are gone, so the new baby room is quite empty except for a lamp and a stool. Even the closet is empty. It won't last too long. Maybe I'll use it quickly to set up and play one of the longer games no one else wants to play, to keep fresh on the rules. Something like Freedom in the Galaxy or Samurai Swords or even try out some different builds in World of Warcraft. Dunno. I'm still pretty beat from yesterday, but the weekend's going to be pretty quiet.

GenCon's coming up fast. My flight is next Thursday. It'll be weird to fly out there, since I never have before. We'll see how it goes.

- Pookah

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