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Full vacation wrap-up to be done later. In the meantime, if you know Full Metal Alchemist, permit me my Maes Hughes moment.

The ambassador of cuteness, a.k.a. my daughter, has been in rare form this trip. She has been extra chatty and has picked up several new habits and words. Thankfully, they've all been good ones. She counted all the numbers up to eight tonight as she was going down the stairs. She had been known to skip everything between two and eight as completely unnecessary. The habit I had of counting the stairs as she would step down must have been enough usage for her to pick up on it.

She also knows "tackle" from jumping on me in an attempt to get tickled. "Bubbles" are popular from blowing bubbles and bathtime. She has a book on small and tall things, but anything large is "biggie". We even passed a McDonald's and she pointed at the golden arches and said "Biggie M."

Several verbs joined the vocabulary, like "running" and "chasing" and "digging" and "pushing". Pushing was used on chairs on the porch AND on her own stroller at one point on the boardwalk. That was a crafty manuever, since that also put her in the one small spot of shade behind the stroller while pushing it. Even "walking" and "sitting" got more use.

Pictures and more words (and Ocean City events that may not involve my daughter) another time.

- Pookah

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