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Survived to Vacation

And, thankfully, beginning my vacation with an extra "packing" day as a buffer worked out very well. Thursday was not actually a vacation at all. I worked from home for a full workday, on several AIM chats and wrote over 30 emails. But ... it let the office work out the "oh crap Dave's going on vacation" moments before I was actually inaccessible. Phew.

So Friday began the actual vacation commitments, with a trip to Otakon.

I arrived at the same time as one pair of henchmen, so my winged minions and I did not move far from the front door for at least a half-hour. Not that I'm complaining mind you. Once Jason (Dr. Venture) got there, more hilarity and photos ensued.
Me and Jason and two winged minions I did not know before the con

We parted with those henchman and found more, along with a Dr. Girlfriend. I hear there was even a Sergeant Hatred around though I never ran into him. And later in the day, destertale and romandave arrived, as the awesomest henchmen. Their arrival was perfectly timed for Jason and evadd4w6 and I, since we were right by registration when they walked in. I spotted them having their picture taken by someone else, so I ran over for this picture.
First picture near top of stairs

And Jason came over for an action shot.
Vengeance will be mine, Venture!

Then we even ran into Dr. Girlfriend and Phantom Limb, the same pair I met at Katsucon earlier this year. He even found a way to make his arms actually glow! Well, the sleeves do. Anyway, it's particular awesome in the shade or the dark.
Me as the Monarch with friends at Otakon

Throw in a good dinner at Tir Na Nog at Harborplace in Baltimore, along with FMA geeking, squeeing over my daughter's pictures, and plenty of D.Gray-man anime viewing and manga purchasing ... it was a great day. Next year our goal will be more Venture character goodness if I can convince the players to do so. I even heard that the Williams Street folks make a number of appearances at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. I wonder if we got a large enough write-in request if they'd come to Otakon for 2010 ... I do still want to organize that wake skit for that one dead character.

I also picked up a Naruto chunin-level ninja jacket, to work on building Shikamaru and Kikashi outfits around it. I've been told by someone (who can take credit for the inspiration) that I reminded her of Shikamaru, and my wife likes Kikashi. In short, Shikamaru in the post-timeskip part of the storyline now wears a similar jacket to Kikashi, therefore the jacket can do double-duty.

- Pookah

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