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There Will Be Game 7

You don't have to be into pro hockey to enjoy the back-and-forth of this classic playoff series. It's definitely don't-miss hockey. Sometimes like tonight it almost becomes don't-blink.

Game 4 on Friday I watched from a bar in Hunt Valley and I forgot Rule #1 of going to a bar, don't go on an empty stomach. The game was also the only one of the first six decided by more than one goal and it went the Penguins way. Ugh. Not a good combination. Thanks go to dasquish for giving me a lift and a place to dry out.

Game 5 on Saturday was back-to-back nights of hockey, and I spent part of my day working on the yard. The hockey game? OT for the second time and the Penguins take a 3-2 lead in games on a deflection off of a defender's stick.

Game 6 was tonight and my daughter's bathtime came early, so I cooked dinner for two (beef stroganoff over rice) and my daughter got some ravioli that was more to her liking. I hunkered down upstairs with a laptop and turned on the Playstation 2, convinced I didn't want to see the potential end of the series after missing the first period. I flicked back and forth and ... well ... the call of playoff hockey was too strong. I never even loaded my save game. The game was another nailbiter finish, the third game to go to overtime.

End result? There will be a Game 7 on Wednesday. I'm going to go out on a limb and expect that bowling will be pushed off to next week. Or Thursday. Maybe Thursday.

In other news, I'm also picking out some anime to watch soon. We just received Trinity Blood from GameFly and it looks to be an interesting gothic-vampire/church-involvement series. I also still need to track down Lucky Star disc 6.

- Pookah

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