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Nothing like recovering all the fluids and minerals I lost to an evening of drinking out with friends. The card shark, the drummer, and the enthusiast were all along for the ride. And this girl I've met once before was there. There's some interesting politics going on between her and some of the guys, but let's leave that alone for the time being.

In another case of small world syndrome, this girl ...
  • Went to my high school

  • Dated a friend of mine from that school who I ran into years later at UMBC

  • Knew all the theater people, including the one whom lived across the street from me

  • Remembered seeing me on stage in one of those productions, after making the connection

Definitely small world syndrome.

I just hope the babe's not too pissed, since I'm working late all week, spent most of the weekend hanging out with her, and only was home long enough to say hi and drop off a few things before heading out again. It's like that when you get home at 9:15 and want to get a chance to head out for a bit. I just didn't quite realize what a night I was getting into at the time.

But Gatorade is helping keep my stomach in line. I am thankful for my soccer background for getting me to realize its power and grow accustomed to the taste.

- Pookah

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