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Friday was a nightmare for work, where it seemed like every break went against our team. Things that should not have been major issues flared up or did not go as expected and slowed down the process of getting other issues resolved.

But today is Saturday. Last night's dinner was good, and was the pause that refreshes. Today, things are going as well as I could hope for. I'm still in here at the office, but it has been relatively low-key and quiet. With any luck, they won't need me on Sunday at all, or just a call to consult and ask questions.

And that's a big step from the way the past few weekends have gone (with one exception). It has just been CRAZY. So it's like coming up for air. It's not light at the end of the tunnel, but more like I've been holding my breath for a while. And with birthday business over the weekend ... I think the juggling is finally going to settle down.

I have at least used my train rides to also finish watching When They Cry (creepy mindtrip city!) and conquer the PSP game Metal Gear Acid (also creepy mindtrip city). So I've started in on Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness ... the PSP remake of Disgaea 1. The original was subtitled "Hour of Darkness", so I guess the added content has pushed it beyond an hour. There's no way that game could ever be just "an hour". WAY too much replayability and random sidetrip possibilities. It'll be great for the trains. I'll eventually get back to finishing Disgaea 2 later, but it'll have better context after I beat Disgaea 1.1.

Something like that. Now to go haul stuff, if they still need me.

- Pookah

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