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I think my family has finally conquered the stomach flu monster that has been going around. Many apologies to deathquaker if she got it from us. My daughter first got sick late Thursday night. Friday my wife watched her as I worked from home and traded emails with folks. Saturday she went to Lancaster to go shop the outlet stores all day with friends and family. My daughter and I spent the whole day together, and she and I were just fine, though J did sleep in later than usual. The snow stalled traffic so sapphireblue was a bit later getting back than expected. She was nice enough to still pick up dinner for me since our daughter was asleep for the night by then, but she felt not-quite-right and chugged water. Me? I stuck to the Wendy's combo meal with a Coke.

So Sunday I woke up to a raging stomachache/vertigo/nastyness. It was literally like a bad hangover without the fun of having drank the night before. I'd had no alcohol since Wednesday night's bowling event, and it's not like that was chugging mass quantities!

By afternoon I knew I wouldn't be making it to the Ravens vs. Redskins game on Sunday night. The ... ahem ... side-effects of the flu were not going to be conducive to being out at a large event with occasionally long bathroom lines and below freezing temperatures. As it is, I only consumed the tiniest amounts of flat cola and water on Sunday and was asleep before the end of the game anyway. From what I could tell, the early Ravens lead helped dasquish and dazaharia have a good time at the game. =D

Now it's Tuesday, and only now have my tastebuds started to return, though my appetite is still not 100%. Argh. At least it's in good time. Wednesday night is dinner and a drink or two with a good ex-coworker, Thursday is a lunch visit from D&J (which rocks, btw!) and Friday is Caps game #2 on my docket for the season. Saturday is the company Christmas party, and then Sunday is also a very important Ravens home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm definitely "in the pipe" for the busy-ness of the season. No doubt. No time for ill, Dr. Jones.

- Pookah


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