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Life is Peaceful in a Lull

At least, today is a lull day by comparison to the past few weeks and what may lie ahead of me. Work deliverables are in other folks hands to be reviewed, website patches for the week are "fix this contact information on one page and a name & phone number on a second page", and there is not a ton of stress hanging over my head.

It's a nice place to be. The weather outside is cool and humid. Gray clouds are assembled in an almost complete blanket of the sky, but there is no rainfall quite yet.

I took my daughter to a walk at the mall this morning. Let me translate that for you. Since taking 10 steps is a big event for her, this was really "I took my daughter to the mall so I could walk and push her stroller." Eventually she will walk it with us. In the meantime, she really liked watching the bunnies in the clear glass case at the front of the pet store.

Only other big news of note is that I now have a Sony PSP. shoggoth1 sold his barely used model to me for a very nice discount. It was all profit to him though. He got it for free as some kind of performance bonus, and he is already getting plenty of mileage out of his Nintendo DS. Me ... can you say portable Final Fantasy Tactics remake? Or Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness? My train rides won't be boring for a LONG time. Tactics games were made for boredom-killing, and portability puts it square into the center of my time to kill. =D


- Pookah

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