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Post-Otakon Glow

I now have two pairs of glasses ... the prescription variety. It really made a difference in clarity at Otakon. I went with them on Friday & Sunday and went without on Saturday since I was in my Chrono costume. The difference is partly in terms of eyestrain but can be summed up best as being similar to the difference between HDTV and regular. Some details just get more fuzzy.

Friday I ended up having to work RAWR! because I had a conference call at 2pm I could not reschedule. It worked out, though. Now, instead of taking a day off, I got a lot done in the morning and early afternoon. I'm already taking plenty of time off between the Ocean City trip and the upcoming GenCon trip.

I bought books, DVDs, art and some other unique tidbits worth mentioning:
  • I got the autograph of Mike Sinterniklaas, probably best known to everyone as the voice of Dean Venture among other voice roles. I lucked into it after almost lucking OUT of it, when I brought everything BUT my head-of-the-autograph-line ticket to the convention on Saturday. Left the ticket in my shorts. Gar. Thankfully, I was far enough ahead in the no-ticket line to get in anyway.

  • I got the ticket during his guest panel, where before I could even get my question out he spotted my shirt and said "Hey, you're an NPC. I don't need to pay attention to what you're saying." My attempt a witty reply was drowned out by laughter, but he did answer two of my questions.

  • As an almost last-minute purchase, I got an Usagi Yojimbo statue. It's tall, and I've loved to read Usagi Yojimbo for a very, very long time. Stan Sakai is talented and all-around awesome. If he does come out east for a convention of some variety (I think he lives in Hawaii) I'd want to shake his hand and thank him for lots of good art and stories.

  • Speaking of excellent art, I got a print of Eureka and Anemone from Eureka 7. It's mostly pencil or charcoal with the only color being the eyes. Really caught my eye. The original was big and went into Sunday's Art Auction at $211, so I'm sure it went for more. My friend J spotted the artist's booth by a print of that hanging overhead. The print in 11x17 cost $15 and is sooooo worth it.

  • The machinima panel was the first time I've personally known the vast majority of the speakers at an hour-long convention panel. Two or three are here on LJ. I think they had a right to be pleased about how it went; it was a little dry but very technical and set for time well.

  • Getting my picture taken and geeking about costumes may have unearthed someone who is willing to help with building wings for a Chrono daemon-form costume. That would be REALLY impressive. She had done a solid Pyramid Head outfit on her own for Otakon and was already technically trying to sort out part of the wings and part of how to harness them to a person. She is apparently quite enthused. That really would be a kickass feature to go with if it turns out. *crosses fingers*

  • I also got into some drama centered around some folks from conventions past, from a Chrono group I'd run into before. As the Otakon rave was going on, I said hi to the girls but one of their friends was not with them, reportedly too tired to dance. I swung by the third floor terrace to say hey but either she was never where she said she was or they were being very indirect about ditching me. I looped back to the dance to check in with the girls and get a hint for what to look for (not in costume, just wolf ears) and made a second pass already feeling stupid. No sign of her, then I returned. Back to the dance, got some water, chatted with one of the girls, and then reportedly the friend had "just gotten to the terrace just now". I had to laugh. It sounded a bit too convenient and I had already gotten a blister on my foot, so when the group headed back towards the dancefloor I got myself separated in the crowd and opted for one last walk-by of the third floor terrace. Yeah, not there. I don't want to attribute to maliciousness what can easily be explained by bad communication, but ... *shrug*. I feel better at least recording the "how I got served" facet of the story. I'll probably borrow the "go visit the 3rd floor terrace" for a while as a politer way of saying GFY.

  • And I've got pictures. Not tons, but several. They will get posted later, along with better notes about my swag haul.

  • - Pookah

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